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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 11PM  FOX  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> good evening, everybody. i'm robin lennox. >> and 70s at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is seven news at 11:00. >> off the top 11:00, a huge loss for the nation's high court. supreme court justice antonin scalia has ip. >> and in washington dc, flags in front of the supreme court, lowered to half staff, and they will stay that way until after his funeral. >> officials say he died in his sleep. >> and, his death spar an immediate debate about whether president obama should fill the seat during this election year. the night teams walter m mse begins the seven coverage with the very latest on the reaction of the justices death. water? >> walter: that news s mes out of west texas, just as anthony scalia, dead at dead at 75. questions remain on when his replacement will be chosen. >> man justice scalia dedicated his life to the
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the rule of law. tonight, we honor his exaordinary service to our nation and remember one of the towering legal figures overtime. >> the flag in front of the s. supreme court flies at half staff on saturday as the nation remembers justice antonin scalia. he was found dead at a ranch in west texas. according to reports, he was on a hunting trip and i didn't sleep of natural charges.>> man: he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court. >> his college member his legacy, with chief justice john roberts saying in a statement he was an extraordinary individual, and jujust, admired and treasured by his colleagues. his passing is a great loss to the court in the country he so loyally served.
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>> man: i always liked justice scalia because he never pretended to be something he did not. he never pretended to be anything was not. >> former president george w. bush added he was a towering figure an important force of the nation's highest court bring intellect good judgment, and went to the bench. he will bmissed by his colleagues in country. >> florida politicians wrecked as well. they send their prayers to his faly, and now, the big question in washington, who will replace justice scalia. >> i plan to fulfill my responsibility to nomine a successor in due time. there will be plenty of time for me to do so, and, for the senate to fulfill its responsility to give that person a fair hearing in a timely vote. >> but that remains to be seen. mitch mcconnell said the next the e dge should not be chosen until after the presidential election, and senator cruise echoes the sentiment. meanwhile, hillary clinton firing back in that notion, and
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dishonors the constitution, joining present obama's call, urging republicans to move quickly. >> man: these are responsibilities i take seriousl as it should anyone. they are bigger than any one party.they are about our democracy. >> and he was the longest serving judge in the supreme court. >> robbin: all right, walter. and justice scalia police behind a long legal legacy, and tonight, we look at his life on and off the bench. >> man: i, antonin scalia, do solemnly swear. >> he inspired many as the first italian-american on the u.s. supreme court where he served for 30 years, the longest serving justice. born in new jersey and raised in new york city, he was the only child of a sissy and born college professor and a schoolteacher mother. >> man: i was something of a greasy grind, i would have to say. i studied r%al hard. >> a top student of public and private catholic schools in the
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in college where he met marie mccarthy, who he later married. they had nine children. resident ronald reagan nominated the 50-year-old federal judge to the high court in 1986, ere he earned a reputation as a reliable conservative. hip impact on the high court, hard to overstate. >> soso of the other justices, including the justices who are already on the court and had been for a while, were kind of bif the nw guy gets to ask all these questions, i will step up and ask some questions to. >> on abortion, the death penalty, a form of action, all sexual rights, he clashed with more moderate or left-leaning justices. >> man: if he was trying to get anyone to sign an opinion, it was harder when he would use more combative language, but, as much as they would say, you know, i would like to strangle him, he was still there is in many ways. >> the combative language on display in his written descts. he once referred to the junior first the congress, quoted a reporter, shakespeare, and
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ung conservatives appreciated his view of the law and the limits on the society. but, had vocal critics as well. a a nting trip at the same time the court was considering a lawsuit against the vp over access to privileged documents. boston newspaper called this sissy in gesture, interpreted as obscene by him. he called dismissive in nature, and last december, during oral arguments on affirmative-action at the university of texas, he asked whether african-americans would do better", slower track schools. but, as controversial as some of his opinions were, his friendships might come as a surprise.he and justice ruth bader ginsburg, his ideological opposite, were good friends. >> m: i am not driven. i enjoy what i'm doing. as soon as i no longer enjoy it, i am out of there. >> and he is behind his wife, nine children, 36 grandchildren, and of course, what remains to be seen is exactly how his death coulul affect the court, which is not evenly split, and exactly how
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nominee past the republican controlled senate. sure you stay with7 news for complete coverage on a death of a justice, a base right here and online at>> the republican candidates for president facing off in south carolina. the sudden death of justice scalia for some fierce debate. but out of respect, they began with a silent tribute. they have e latest on the race for the race to the white house. >> reporter: a change in tone the remaining republican candidates took the stage in greenville, south carolina. following moment of silence for the late justice, the candidates were asked how they would go about selecting his replacement. >> man: so i believe the president should not move forward, and i think that we should let the next president of theheunited states decide who should read run the supreme court by the vote of the people of the united states america. >> we need to put people on
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the constitution is not a living and breathing document. it is to be interpreted as as a resume. >> is up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay, delay, delay. [cheering] >> and then turn to for policy, and the bushes administrations handling of the war in iraq, when things got personal. >> man: should never been in a wreck. we have destabilized the united middle east.>> while donald trump was building a a publican tv show, we were building a security apparatus to keep as a. i am proud of what he did. [cheering] >> how did he keep us safe when the world trade center fell? [cheering] >> man: the world bi lost hundreds of friends. the world trade center came down during the rain. he kept us safe? that is not safe. >> the world trade center came down because bill olinton did not kill osama bin laden when he had a chance to go. >> on how governor, john kasich, perhaps summing up the debate best. >> man: agitate, this is just
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i am reporting. >> robbin: pope francis kicks off at five day trip to mexico. just hours ago, he was part of the streets of mexico city. the pope, who loves to be among the people, waving to hundreds of people from the backseat of his fiats. earlier today on his way to the national palace, he stopped to hand out rosaries and great several sick children. he then met with several mexican bishops, calling on them to help protect the mexican people from the violent drug trade. his own day ended with a mass attended by thousandndof the country's holiest shrine. robbin simmons today, i come as a missionary of mercy and of peace. but also, as a son, who wishes to pay almost to his mother, the blessed virgin of guadalupe, and place himself under her watchful carere. >> stay with seven is for continuing coverage of the
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we will have the latest on 7 news and on >> now on the 19, a live look at downtime amy on this lovely night. the south floridians fall in love with the weather this valentine's day weekend. >> it really is amazing. brent cameron is life in the weather center with the details. >> what you might enjoy the most is s e fact that we have a weather compromise here. it will not be too warm or too cool after 50s into the first part of f ur sunday morning. then, the winds will change, coming from a warmer direction, and we may need to talk about a little bit of rain, but not in the short run. and hereris where we do find temperatures, mid 60s in marathon in key west, even 64 degrees in miami, 62 this hour in ft. lauderdale. reporting
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clouds well offshore, this batch that you see across the western atlantic, some of these will start to ve in our general direction as we go into the second half of your sunday, which, is of course, has a. temperatures get inin the 70s by the afternoon, with a breeze that will be picking up. if you're heading to the beach, rip currents could be a bit of a threat as the winds turn off the ocean waters. holidays. of course, monday is presidents' day, and that also signals a pretty steady warm-up. we will talk more about that and if you miss. >> okay, brent. the search is on for a shooter tonight after another team is shot in south florida. it happened earlier this morning at uthwest fifth street and 10th avenue in miami's little havana. investigator say the 16-year-old was walking when someone appeared in dark clothes and fired several
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he was rushed to jackson memorial hospital whererhe is recovering tonight, the word on his condition. meanwhile, the shooter is still out there. if you have a a information, call mamie crime stoppers. the number is to jackson memorial hospital where he is covering tonight, the word on his condition. meanwhile, the shooter is still out there. if you have any information,n, call mamimicrime stoppers. the number is 305471 tips. >> and another shooting, tonight, a man hit in the leg on northwest 28th street. that victim was also transported to jackson memorial hospital and is expected to recover from the injuries. give place a call if you have any information. also on seven, two men are lucky to be alive after their small plane plunged into the water of oliver beach. tonight, they are speaking up. >> man: a lot of people get in a car accident, and you are scared to drive in for a few days. it is like the same, but right now, it is good. we feel good
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days to figure out what bwhat really happened in the moment. but now, we are okay. >>they managed to get out of the piper pa 28 after it went down last week. they were immediately rescued by ocean rescue e swimmers. the plane was taken out of the water, the faa continues their investigation on the cause of the crash. >> and, coming up on 7 news at 11:00. >> you might want to go out for this holiday weekend for brand-new boats. south florida has many to
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and now, little boats, luxurious gas, and, pieces of history from the high c. >> man: nostalgic to go back and drive a boat that feel like a boat instead of plastic. so, it is an absolutely unique experience. >> plus, youthful works of art, as far asashe eye can see.
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and contemporary and moving, streeter. >> tonight, the fun and festivity in full swing for a big self for the weekend. >> m: a great time to be in south florida with some events happening around town. >> elitsa bizios has more from miami beach. >> a big weekend in south florida brings in hundreds of thousands of people to the magic city for four mor events. kicking off saturday, the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. >> woman: it is fantastic and we go every year. >> with that writing, it is been beautiful. the weather has been to die for. >> on display this year, 380 artist showing paintings, sculptures, even these long pieces. >> man: i have enjoyed it, and the family has as well.>> and that is what organizers say bring people at each year. a family of it with something forever and. >> a free culinary distant demonstration, free music on
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wonderful thing. >> coconut grove arts festival is also an attraction for artist luis gonzalez, he has set up shop here for the lala five years, and each year, he says it keeps getting better. >> man: the people really support us. we are from here in miami, so it is even better. >> on is also on display in art when what, where about 30,000 art lovers are expected to shuhule through. over in virginia key, both after boat at the 75th annual miami international boat show that has been open since thursday. and on the beach, collins avenue is transformed into god's miami beach, hundreds of the most expensive ssels like these on display in the water, having potential buyers, or just admirers, a beautiful site to take in. all ririt. you heard it there. four different events with four different locations, for different ways to get to where you need to be. for all of the information, head to our website,
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now, seven weather with meteorologist brent cameron. >> all right. a pretty nice balance in temperature today, starting off cool but a nice ride into the 70s. 76 in miami and ft. lauderdale, consistent now in the s, as cool as 60 degrees in miccosukee, 65 at key west, and we have a couple more degrees to fall in the keys. for the rest of us, we will
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so. the coldest air will remain across the southern part of the state, 39 in jacksonville, and gainesville is worried about for us. here is the change of for us. some areas like this one bringing clouds earlier than others, which could be the case by tomorrow afternoon with a couple of sprinkles. i think most of that occurs as we see the breeze picks up with the moisture increasing heading into monday, which will not be a washout. if you have the day off for the holiday, for presiden' day, but it will feel warmer. we may just have to deal with a few nuisance or pesky showers. here is what is botherinfolks in the northeast. new england, the feels like temperature in your city, 13 degrees below zero.and, a dangerous 33 below zero in albany new york. this winter chill continues out of the north east, expanding
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across the heartland for the snow will come back as well. that is shown here in blue. and, the snow shares will be approaching chicago tomorrow, getting more organized around the dakotas, and another batch in the pacific northwest. for us here at home, the breeze picks up tomorrow on sunday. use caution for boaters. a small craft advisory for in effect for yououin the keys with choppy waters. temperatures tonight in the 50s, but after we get through tonight, the temperatures will seem a lot more about, even at night. daytime highs also on the increase. check that. from valentine's day on sunday to the holiday on monday, temperatures on an ward trend, maybe even 80 degrees by the middle part of the upcoming week. that is your seven on seven forecast. >> all right, thananyou. >> seven sports up next. after bad luck last night, the first place for the panthers look for to getting it righgh tonight. >> highlights from the ice
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time now for seven sportsts with donovan campbell. >> oh yeah. we start the sports already with the cats, trying to avoid back to back loss on the homeme ice. only the hall of famer dan marino could throw this one in the net fothem.
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shoulder, cast down to the one nothing in the first eight minutes of the game. second game, quentin takes a big hit to the head. he had to go to the locker room. and at last, a one minute d later, predators on the parkway. james still takes it down, and the cats are down. and just as the buzzer sounds, essed rushing raising, alex petrovic get after it. the cats give up a handful and lose five to nothing in their second bacto back loss, even up five goals. the slam dunk contest highlighted asserting that, what started as a man show got cut down. the ball over the mascot, he thought it would be enough, but it was not. zach levine, that kid is a monster. check it out, one foot inside the free-throw line between the legs and in. he repeats it again. almost baseball season, pitchers and catchers report for the marlins on friday before being sequestered up in jupiter. adam farley was at malcolm park on sunrise for a boy scout
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and interacting with fans. he made his first appearance by season, and had an era of 3.6. >> man: i im very hungry to play baseball, you know.i want to get out there with competition. i want to pitch. it has been an amazing off-season for me, i was able to buy a house, and i love it, it is important, but it has been long enough and i ready to get back. >> man: and, a minute. wow. that is a look at sports, i am donovan campbell. robbin and jeff, that's it. >> you parts through, congratulations. >> i am jeff lennox. i am robbin simmons. have a great night, and we will
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